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GitLab is a Git-based VCS that has a Cloud and Self-Hosted option. You can use GitLab to drive insights into values such as:

  • Git repository details (commit history, contributors)
  • Scorecard rules


In order to connect Cortex to your GitLab instance, you’ll need to add a GitLab Personal Token with the read_api scope under Settings → GitLab.

If using the Scaffolder, you'll need the full api scope.

If you do not see the Settings page you're looking for in the sidebar, you likely don't have the proper permissions and need to contact your admin.

If you're using a self-hosted instance of GitLab, you'll need to verify that your Cortex instance is able to reach the GitLab instance.
We route our requests through a static IP address. Reach out to support at to receive details about our static IP. If you're unable to directly whitelist our static IP, you can route requests through a secondary proxy in your network that has this IP whitelisted, and have that proxy route traffic to your GitLab instance.


Catalog Descriptor

    repository: <namespace>/<project>
    basepath: myService # optional
repositorynamespace/repo as defined in GitLabtrue
basepathIf the entity is in a monorepo (e.g. in a subdirectory), use this field to define the subdirfalse