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Integrations allow you to connect with third-party tools, which engineering organizations tend to have a lot of. As a developer portal, Cortex is a single pane of glass, providing visibility into your whole architecture, including infrastructure and cloud providers.

Cortex integrations are first-class, vendor-supported connectors to all of your third-party tools. These integrations power a number of features in the platform — integrations enable you to discover entities and pull in data like monitors, SLOs, and security metrics. Through integrations, you can also establish ownership and team membership, query metadata across all of your entities, and create projects. Integrations are also crucial for Scorecards, enabling users to enforce standards based on data fetched from third-party tools.

Not only do integrations make it incredibly easy to get started with Cortex, but they also make it easy to maintain your Cortex instance over time with minimal manual effort.

When getting started with Cortex, these are the integrations we recommend setting up first:

Git provider

Your catalog is designed to track your projects — because your projects live in Git, this is the most important integration to set up. Cortex is equipped to automatically discover projects, making it even easier to import services and other software entities.

On-call provider

Once you have your Git provider set up, we recommend integrating with your on-call provider — this provides you with quick and highly useful information about your entities.

Monitoring tools

By integrating your monitoring tools with Cortex, you’ll get live health metrics in your portal, providing you with immediate value.

Messaging tool

As you create Scorecards, a messaging tool can help you drive tactical progress without manual intervention.

Once you have these core four integrations covered, it’ll make sense to integrate with other tools, such as a cloud provider for your Infrastructure catalog and Jira for tracking tasks and automatically driving Initiatives. You can find our full list of integrations here.