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Slack is a way to communicate with your team. You can use Slack to drive insights into values such as:

  • Ownership
  • Notifications
  • SlackBot


In order to connect Cortex to your Slack instance, you’ll need to install the Slack application in Settings → Slack.


If using Cortex Server, you'll need to follow a manual configuration process to use the Slack app. Reach out to the support team to receive instructions.

Service Descriptor​


You can define the following block in your Cortex Service Descriptor to add your Slack channels to a service.

# List Slack channels, *without* the preceeding "#"
- type: slack
channel: team-engineering


We have a list of commands you can use with our Slackbot to quickly query service metadata and scorecard scores. The service tag refers to the unique x-cortex-tag set on each service descriptor.

  • /cortex service <service-tag>
    • Lists service information such as owners, current oncall, links, and timeline events
  • /cortex runbooks <service-tag>
  • /cortex docs <service-tag>
  • /cortex logs <service-tag>
  • /cortex links <service-tag>
  • /cortex links [type] <service-tag>
    • List all links of optional type param such as "metrics" or "openapi"
  • /cortex oncall <service-tag>
    • Find current oncall
  • /cortex owners <service-tag>
    • List all owners, along with their emails
  • /cortex dependencies <service-tag>
    • List all incoming and outgoing first-level dependencies
  • /cortex scores <service-tag>
    • List all scorecard scores
  • /cortex sentry <service-tag>
  • /cortex timeline <service-tag>
    • List recent timeline events
  • /cortex search <query>