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In these companion walkthroughs, you'll find in-depth guides on all the ins and outs of the Cortex platform. This section is designed to take users step-by-step through each feature, from getting familiar with Cortex's basic functions to leveraging custom queries for comprehensive reporting.

While walkthroughs are ideal for helping non-technical users get up to speed with Cortex, these guides can also help experienced Cortex users maximize their use of each feature to drive powerful insights and quality improvements across teams.

1. Getting started guides

The Getting started guides introduce the core features of Cortex and explain how to get the most out of Cortex from the beginning.

2. Entities

The entities walkthroughs go a step further with Cortex's core capabilities so you can maximize your use of the platform.

3. Deep dives

Deep dives help users take their Cortex experience to the next level. These guides cover Cortex's more advanced features - like the Scaffolder and Workflows - and how to use integrations to enhance your use of Cortex across the board.