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5. Developer homepage

Cortex’s developer homepage lays out everything developers need for their daily workflows on a single page. On the homepage, you can find all of the entities you own, as well as the health status for each one.

From the developer homepage, you can find open pull requests and pull requests submitted for your review across Git providers. The homepage also includes Jira tickets that have been assigned to you, as well as your action items from Scorecards and Initiatives.

dev homepage 1

GitHub OAuth

Before we get into the features that comprise the developer homepage, it’s important to note that all of the Git features in Cortex use identity mapping. Entities use the email address associated with your Cortex account and your GitHub account to connect your Cortex profile with a GitHub user and team.

If the email address or GitHub account you use is not the same as your Cortex login email, then entities will not populate. You can connect Cortex with a different account under My integration accounts in settings.

When you select Connect Account via GitHub OAuth, a modal will open where you can enter your information to connect Cortex with the correct account.

My catalog

The My catalog tab is driven by entity ownership, and will display all of the entities that appear as Mine on the All entities page. Above the search bar, you can see how many entities you own or follow.


Followed entities are populated by group subscriptions.

You'll also be able to see the same performance indicators that display in catalogsActive Incidents, Monitors, Error Rate, and Apdex. From this tab, you can get a high-level view of the health of all the entities you own or follow.

dev homepage 4

My open PRs

Under the My open PRs tab, you’ll see all pull requests you've opened. Next to each pull request, you’ll see the repository and entity associated with each PR. This page will also pull the PR status and the date it was last updated.


This data isn't tied to entities in Cortex, but to a specific Cortex/GitHub user account.

dev homepage 5

Assigned reviews

Under the Assigned reviews tab, you can find all the pull requests that have been assigned to you for review. Any PRs that have been assigned to you directly or to a team that you belong to will appear here.

Just like with My open PRs, you'll see the Repository, Entity, Opened date and date Last Updated, and Status associated with each PR, as well as how many reviewers are assigned to each pull request. Cortex also automatically add tags to pull requests to signify PRs that need a Quick review or that involve a more Complex review for convenience.

Like My open PRs, this data is linked to a specific Cortex/GitHub user account.

dev homepage 6


Within the Issues tab, you’ll find Jira tickets that are associated with your email address. Cortex runs a JQL query against your Jira instance to populate tickets that have been assigned to your associated account.

dev homepage 7

Action items

The Action items tab pulls in all the outstanding tasks from Scorecards and ongoing Initiatives and lays out the Scorecard and entity information for each item. Tasks with deadlines are sourced from Initiatives; those without deadlines are sourced from failing Scorecard rules.

dev homepage 8

Pending verifications

The Pending verifications tab lists all data verifications that require your attention. This tab will only be visible when there is at least one outstanding verification period.

dev homepage 9

On-call and Insight blocks

The On-call block at the top of the homepage pulls in on-call information from PagerDuty or Opsgenie. Like other features of the homepage, Cortex will use your email address to determine your upcoming or current on-call status.

The Insight blocks are computed using the Cortex recommendation engine. The recommendation engine will promote quick wins that it finds within your Scorecards and Initiatives. For example, an Insight might highlight that an entity has one rule remaining to achieve the next level.

dev homepage 10

The intelligent recommendations promoted within Insight will change over time as you make progress on your goals and as the recommendation engine is optimized.