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1. Create an entity

Start by importing an entity into your catalog using our discovery integrations, like Git, APM, or Kubernetes. If you're feeling crafty, try putting together your own Cortex entity descriptor.

2. Set up integrations

Cortex provides useful functionality by aggregating information about all of your entities and connecting with numerous third party providers, like PagerDuty for on-call details or Datadog for APM dashboards.

3. Add useful metadata

Once you've created an entity, add relevant information like links to your documentation, your own custom data, or even start building a tagging system!

4. Build your catalogs

Catalogs are the backbone of the Cortex platform — here, you can track and store information about all of the components that make up your infrastructure. This includes everything from services and domains to AWS S3 buckets and RDS databases. You can even define custom types of entities in Cortex to accurately represent your infra.