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Connecting an Atlassian Connect App

If you're looking to connect your Bitbucket account using the Atlassian Connect App, you'll need to expose your Cortex backend to the internet. All of the endpoints that need to be reachable are under /api/v1/atlassian/app.

Setup instructions

Enable Bitbucket developer mode

First, you'll need to enable developer mode in Bitbucket. This is because the Atlassian Connect app we'll be using is unpublished, and hosted by the Cortex backend.

  1. Go to<org>/workspace/settings/addon-management
  2. Check "Enable development mode"

Install the app

Once your developer mode has been enabled, you're ready to install the app.

In Cortex, go to Settings → Bitbucket and click on "Atlassian Application".

You'll see a popup to install the app, where you can pick which workspace to install into, and click "Grant access".


You can verify that Cortex is able to reach Bitbucket by clicking "Import New Service" on the homepage, and checking whether your repositories are being discovered.