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[Cortex managed teams] Update members in team



For teams whose members are not backed by an IdP, use this API to update the team members. Note that it will replace the members in the team with the members defined in this request. Warning: This API should only be used if your team identifier contains non-alphanumeric characters. Otherwise, use the standard API under Teams.


Query Parameters

    teamTag stringrequired




    Successfully updated team members

      catalogEntityTag stringrequired
      isArchived booleanrequired
      links object[]required
    • Array [
    • description string
      name stringrequired
      type stringrequired
      url stringrequired
    • ]
    • metadata objectrequired
      description string
      name stringrequired
      summary string
      slackChannels object[]required
    • Array [
    • channel stringrequired

      The Slack channel identifier without the preceding #

      description string

      Description of this owner defined in the Catalog Descriptor. Not to be confused with the description of the team in the Team pages.

      inheritance string

      Possible values: [APPEND, FALLBACK, NONE]

      Inheritance type, only defined for domain entities

      notificationsEnabled boolean

      Refers to the corresponding field in the Catalog Descriptor. This is meant to be used for your automation purposes and does not actually impact the notification behavior in Cortex.

    • ]
    • teamTag stringrequired