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Retrieve Scorecard scores



Returns latest scores for all entities in the Scorecard


Path Parameters

    tag stringrequired

    Unique tag for the Scorecard

    Example: my-production-readiness-checklist

Query Parameters

    entityTag string

    Entity tag (x-cortex-tag)


Scorecard scores

    scorecardName stringrequired
    scorecardTag stringrequired
    serviceScores object[]required
  • Array [
  • lastEvaluated date-timerequired
    score objectrequired
    ladderLevels object[]required
  • Array [
  • level object
    name stringrequired

    Name of the level

    number int32required

    Rank of the level where 1 is the highest

  • ]
  • rules object[]required
  • Array [
  • error string
    expression stringrequired
    score numberrequired
  • ]
  • summary objectrequired
    percentage numberrequired
    score numberrequired
    totalPossibleScore numberrequired
    service objectrequired
    groups string[]required

    Not to be confused with owners. This refers to the x-cortex-groups field of the entity.

    name stringrequired
    owners objectrequired
    groups string[]required

    Not to be confused with x-cortex-groups. These are the slugs of IdP or Cortex Managed Teams

    individuals object[]required
  • Array [
  • description string
    email stringrequired
  • ]
  • tag stringrequired
  • ]