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Retrieve Scorecard



Retrieve Scorecard


Path Parameters

    tag stringrequired

    Unique tag for the Scorecard

    Example: my-production-readiness-checklist


Successfully retrieved Scorecard

    scorecard objectrequired
    description string

    Human-readable description of the Scorecard

    evaluation object

    Evaluation window for how often the Scorecard is run

    window int64

    Number of hours between Scorecard evaluations. If the evaluation window is not set, the Scorecard is evaluated every 4 hours.

    isDraft booleanrequired

    Whether or not the Scorecard is in draft

    lastUpdated date-timerequired

    Time the Scorecard was last updated, which includes setting the next evaluation time.

    levels object[]

    List of levels associated with the Scorecard

  • Array [
  • level object
    name stringrequired

    Name of the level

    number int32required

    Rank of the level where 1 is the highest

  • ]
  • name stringrequired

    Human-readable name

    notifications objectrequired

    Notification settings for the Scorecard

    enabled booleanrequired

    Whether this Scorecard should be included in notifications. If not set, it defaults to true for non-draft Scorecards and to false for draft Scorecards.

    rules object[]required

    List of rules that are evaluated each time the Scorecard is evaluated

  • Array [
  • description string
    expression stringrequired

    CQL representation of the rule

    failureMessage string
    levelName string

    Name of the level this rule is associated with, if applicable

    title string
    weight number

    Numerical weight of the rule. When using levels, this defaults to 1.

  • ]
  • tag stringrequired

    Unique identifier, found in the UI