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Get plugin by tag



Retrieve the metadata of a plugin by tag


Path Parameters

    tag stringrequired


Metadata of the plugin

    contexts object[]required

    Which contexts the plugin should execute/show up in, e.g. { "type": "GLOBAL" }

  • Array [
  • ]
  • createdBy object

    The creator of the plugin. Null if created via API.

    dateCreated date-timerequired
    email stringrequired
    id int64
    name stringrequired
    oauthUserId stringrequired
    tenantId int64required
    description string

    Description of the plugin

    isDraft booleanrequired

    Whether the plugin is generally available or not

    lastUpdated date-timerequired

    When the plugin was last updated

    minimumRoleRequired stringrequired

    Possible values: [VIEWER, USER, MANAGER, API, OWNER]

    The minimum role required to see the plugin, e.g. USER

    name stringrequired

    Display name of the plugin

    proxyTag string

    The identifier of the proxy to use for requests from this plugin

    tag stringrequired

    Unique identifier for the plugin