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Sentry provides application monitoring. You can use Sentry to drive insights into values such as:

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In order to connect Cortex to your Sentry instance, you’ll need to create a Sentry Auth Token, and add it under Settings β†’ Sentry.

Service Registration​


By default, Cortex will use the service identifier (e.g. my-service) as the "best guess" for the Sentry project name. For example, if your service identifier is my-service, then the corresponding project name in Sentry should also be my-service.

If your Sentry project names don’t cleanly match the Cortex service identifier, you can override this in the Cortex Service Descriptor.

Service Descriptor​

If you need to override the automatic discovery, you can define the following block in your Cortex Service Descriptor.

project: my-project # projectName in Sentry

The value for project should be the project name as defined in Sentry.