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Rollbar provides error tracking for your application. You can use Rollbar to drive insights into values such as:

  • Error tracking
  • Error rates
  • Exceptions


In order to connect Cortex to your Rollbar instance, you’ll need to create a Rollbar Access Token, and add it under Settings β†’ Rollbar.

Cortex will look up Project Tokens automatically for each project and attempt to reuse them to access project details.

If no project token exists for the project, Cortex will automatically create one (if the Rollbar Access Token has been granted write permissions).

Service Registration​


By default, Cortex will use the service identifier (e.g. my-service) as the "best guess" for the Rollbar project name. For example, if your service identifier is my-service, then the corresponding project name in Rollbar should also be my-service.

If your Rollbar project names don’t cleanly match the Cortex service identifier, you can override this in the Cortex Service Descriptor.

Service Descriptor​

If you need to override the automatic discovery, you can define the following block in your Cortex Service Descriptor.

project: my-project # projectName in Rollbar

The value for project should be the project name as defined in Rollbar.