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Microsoft Teams



Microsoft Teams is a tool to communicate with your team. By integrating with Cortex's app for Teams, Cortex will message entity owners regarding any Scorecard improvements or if are any action items for upcoming Initiatives.


Navigate to the Settings page in Cortex and follow the prompt in the Microsoft Teams tab to connect via OAuth.

Afterwards, you’ll need to install Cortex's app for Teams through Microsoft AppSource.


If using Cortex Server, you'll need to follow a manual configuration process to use Cortex's app for Teams. Reach out to the support team to receive instructions.

Catalog descriptor


You can define the following block in your Cortex Catalog Descriptor to add your Microsoft Teams channels.

- name: team-engineering # exact match name of the channel
description: This is a description for this Teams channel # optional
notificationsEnabled: true #optional

Privacy Policy

We will retain basic Microsoft Teams metadata like user IDs for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, or where the Customer Agreement requires or permits specific retention or deletion periods.