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LaunchDarkly is a feature flag management platform. You can use LaunchDarkly to drive insights into values such as:

  • Feature flags


In order to connect Cortex to your LaunchDarkly instance, you’ll need to create a LaunchDarkly reader access token and add it under Settings → LaunchDarkly.


If you do not see the Settings page you're looking for in the sidebar, you likely don't have the proper permissions and need to contact your admin.

Feature flag management


By default, Cortex will try to "best-guess" the corresponding project in LaunchDarkly based on the key and/or tag. Cortex first looks up a LaunchDarkly project using the entity name (e.g. My Service), then the entity identifier (e.g. my-service). For example, if your entity name is “My Service”, then the corresponding LaunchDarkly project's key or tag should contain either “My Service” or "my-service."

Catalog descriptor

You can find the project key and tags by visiting LaunchDarkly → Account settings → Projects. The URL for the project will contain the key; for example:<key>/environments. If you prefer to use the project tags in the registration instead, you can find it in the projects table or project settings page.

- identifier: project-key
type: KEY
environments: # Optional
- environmentName: prod
- environmentName: staging
alias: my-alias # alias is optional and only relevant if you have opted into multi account support
- identifier: project-tag
type: TAG
environments: # Optional
- environmentName: prod
alias: my-other-alias # alias is optional and only relevant if you have opted into multi account support