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One of the most powerful features of Cortex is the ability to define dependencies on other services. This powers many features, including automated notifications to service owners when a dependency deprecates its API or makes backwards incompatible changes.

Service Registration

Service Descriptor

The x-cortex-dependency field allows you to define a list of dependencies. A dependency may be directed towards a service, or more granularly, to a specific endpoint on that service.

- tag: braavos
method: GET
path: /2.0/users/{username}
- billing
- identity
prod: true
tagThe tag of the service this depends on. See x-cortex-tagNo
methodHTTP method if depending on a specific endpointRequired if path is present
pathThe actual endpoint (as defined in the OpenAPI file) this service depends onYes
metadataJSON metadata tags for the relationship. Supports arbitrary objects.Yes