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BambooHR is a popular HRIS solution that lets organizations define organizational membership. Cortex syncs with BambooHR to automatically sync team memberships. You can use BambooHR to understand key information such as:

  • Ownership
  • Team Membership
  • Orphaned Services


In order to connect Cortex to your BambooHR instance, you’ll need to create a BambooHR API Key, and add it under Settings → BambooHR.

The token is tied to your BambooHR workspace, which you can find in your url as

Report Configuration​

Cortex uses the BambooHR integration to automatically sync team memberships. If you have a custom BambooHR Report that has the authoritative list of active employees, you can optionally tell Cortex to use that instead, under Settings → BambooHR.

You can find the Report ID in the URL, for example subdomain.bamboohr.comreports/custom/New+Hires/[Report ID].

Team field​

Cortex stores team memberships from BambooHR. It uses the division field to denote team membership, followed by department if division is not specified.

If you have a custom Employee field used to denote team membership, you can add that under Settings → BambooHR.

Service Registration​

Service Descriptor​

Ownership of services through BambooHR is defined through an owner of type group.

- type: group
name: My Bamboo HR Team

The name should be exactly equal to the value in the Team field.